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Donata Industrial Co.Ltd was established in 1984. The company dedicated in the design, research and development to manufacturing and sales and subsequently serves customers off shores. Since 1990, the words “Donata Trading Co. Ltd.” is to provide customers conveniences and to base “Customized - made “services principle on small business entrepreneurs to the large-scale production plants. We can provide the most professional equipment recommendations that allow you to use the lowest cost to achieve maximum efficiency according to your scale demands.

The company was founded in 1984, specialized in ice cream machinery and food addictives research, development, production and sales. By the needs for the SME, we have developed a series of ice cream manufacturing equipment for cutting down the production costs and investment amounts to produce ice cream, ice pop, snow flack, mein-mein ice, pao-pao ice, ice block, ice cream bar, Feng Yan ice cream and so on. We will provide you with manufacturing technique, such as ice cream machine, ice pop machine, snow flake machine, mein mein ice machine, fired ice machine, bubble ice machine, etc. By matching different ingredients through the machine will help you produce soft ice pop, hard ice pop, soft ice cream, hard ice cream in order to enhance market competitiveness and since the implementation for this technique, supply and demand has skyrocketed.

Through out the research and development for many years, our company is the one in Southeast Asia which can be comparable to Western European competitors. In addition to account for above 80% GDP in the domestic market, our company also exports the machinery to Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, mainland China and so on. Our products are so popular and well received, as well as to meet national health standards, durable quality, excellent performance, simple operation, few employees required, small footprint, zero pollution, and long warranty, low professional maintenance costs which are the most competitiveness and innovation with the brands in the industry.

Our company is on the basis of “customer is our priority and our purpose in the business is for continuous service”. and “customized-made service” is our principle. We have skilled technique staffs that focus on quality control and appearance in order to appeal customer satisfaction. We truly welcome people who have passion in cold drinks and ice cream industry dedicatedly participates in our ranks and we will be happy to assist you.

During years of professional experience, we will help you with minimal investment to create the maximum profits; you do not need any fundamental to get started with because we have the technology to ease the difficulty. Your success is our success too! We have first-class technical staffs provide a full range of after-sales service.

We will always stay with you without any further worrisome may occurred. We have rooted a good foundation in ice cream and cold drink machine production, as well as food addictive research experience throughout the thirty years. Whether you have any further question, will do our best to answer your question and are to meet your needs. We sincerely accept your suggestion because your comment is the driving force behind our innovative ideas. Whether the plant designs to individual entrepreneurs, from hardware to software to provide manufacturing technology, we have a complete service process. By the training staffs to practice, counseling opening, the company can offer you with full responsibility for planning services because we put our customers as our partners.

The company has 30 years of history with reliable and trustworthy. From small entrepreneurs to large-scale production plants, we can scheme the most professional recommendation based on your scale demands in order to maximized efficiency with little costs. In addition to IT hardware, we also provide advice on food manufacturing technology consoling and a variety of reference of food additives. Please fill out the information form to tell us yours needs, or call us and we look fording your contact!
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